Unlock iPhone - Frequently asked questions

Common questions regarding our iPhone Unlock Software

What can you unlock?
Your membership includes software to unlock and jailbreak ALL iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices with firmware up to the latest iOS 8.2 version

Does your solution work with PC and Mac?
Our new iphone unlock caters for both PC and MAC users. A linux version is also in the works.

What guarantee do you offer?
Simply put - We guarantee you will be happy with our service, OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Compared to other companies, we won't hassle with you for a refund. Many of our customers have come to us after purchasing other software which never worked! There are so many reasons why we are number one! Click here to view our GUARANTEE!

What is an unlocked iphone/iPad?
An iphone unlocked has so many benefits to it while enabling new features that previously were restricted by Apple. Because of the iPhone's creator Steve Jobs, the factory iphone iOS is locked to a specific network carrier. This cell phone service provider has an agreement with Apple to lock the iphones. Unfortunately for the user, there is very little choice in deciding the cell phone provider which means that more than likely you are paying a higher price for your network service. By unlocking your iphone sim card, you are activating the phone to connect to other service providers like AT&T, Tmobile, Orange, Vodafone, Verizon, Sprint, and other iphone GSM telecommunication companies. Removing this sim lock will literally save you money by giving you freedom to choose your own network!

What does it mean to jailbreak the iPhone/iPad?
The technical answer is actually easy to understand. When you reboot and iPhone, it boots up from what is called the iPhone firmware, or iphone baseband. When you jail break an iphone you essentially "intercept" the loading/booting of the iPhone. There are quite a few jailbreak sites that show you how to hack an iphone with jailbreak programs, but the jailbreak software that they actually provide to you are the horrible free solutions such as green poison jailbreak, blackrain jailbreak, and OpenSSH programs. Stay away from ALL of these ios jailbreaking programs. They simply DO NOT WORK. Our jailbreak download is the only safe, secure, and risk free jailbreaker for locked iphones. Save yourself the hassle and get the solution directly from us!

Why is your iphone unlocking software better?
We don't claim to be the best unlock iphone software - WE ARE THE BEST UNLOCK SOFTWARE FOR IPHONES. Surely we are not arrogant but our 2 million satisfied iPhone owners make the claim that we are #1 when it comes to software to unlock iphones. Would you be satisfied if someone sold you a broken computer and claimed that it worked? The same holds true for alot of these iphone unlocked software companies who sell junk unlock software. This unlocking software not only doesn't work, but can actually break your iPhone firmware. Even if you update the firmware, you are still screwed! Unlocking your sim card shouldn't be that difficult. This is why we hired the best programmers to make our software unlock. Our new iphone unlock software was voted the best iphone unlocking software of 2012. The latest iphone unlock software we released works on all iphone models and firware regardless of the iOS updates you have installed. Visit our Purchase page to get started right away!

Do I have to be a genius to unlock my iPhone?
NO! One of the many things that seperates us from other software to unlock iphones is that we cater to the average iphone user, as opposed to the iphone user who knows how to hack their iphone and do all sorts of technical things with it. We ALSO have tools for both MAC and Windows PC that evaluate your iPhone BEFORE you do anything. YOU WONT FIND THESE TOOLS ANYWHERE ELSE!

Once I have paid, how long before I can unlock my iPhone?
Instantly after you make your secure payment, you will be taken to a members-only section to download our iPhone Unlocking Software. You will also be emailed a receipt and a download link to keep for future downloads and customer service inquiries. In addition, you will have LIFETIME access to the members area!

Does the unlock work with new iPhones and re-locked iPhones?
Yes, our software to unlock the iphone works with any iphone, regardless of its history. This being said, if you have used bad unlocking software such as limera1n, redsn0w, ultrasn0w, green pois0n, pwnage tool, blackrain, purplera1n, or any other of the ridiculously named free iphone unlock applications then we cannot guarantee that we can unlock iphones.

Do you provide customer support?
Yes, we have a support staff that is ready to answer questions 24/7 every day of the week! We also provide many step by step tutorials and guides with clear instructions to unlock your iphone. We pride ourselves with our customer support which is why we have sold over 2 million unlocked iPhone solutions to date! We have experts able to tackle the toughest challenges!

What is included with my purchase?
When you purchase our iphone unlocking software, you get a lifetime membership which ensures you will always have access to download the latest iPhone unlocking firm ware and baseband modifications. This means that if you ever need updated iphone firmware. This also includes access to THOUSANDS of applications, games, wallpapers, and other great stuff!
What cell phone networks can I use an unlocked iPhone with?
Once your iphone is unlocked, many services are available to use as long as they use the same GSM Network such as Tmobile(T-Mobile), Verizon CDMA, Cingular, Sprint, Rogers, Nextel, Bell, Telus, Orange, China Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica/Movistar/O2, Telecom, Bouygues Telecom, Cosmote, 3, Metro PCS, AllTel, Omnitel, Swisscom, Everything Everywhere, Virgin and many many more!